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Now that you have gone away
I feel so cold, why did I stay?

Dreams. One can't control them. One has to experience them. Stand by helplessly when they slip from your hand. The Doctor accompanies me often. Very often. And yet, I can never follow him.

Remember, I'll remember your face so pale
when you left me on that gloomy day...

Every time, every single time I die, leave another scar deep within him. Hurt him and have to watch how he is torn apart. The moment when his face turns ashen, when he knows that he can't help me. And never, not a single time I'm able to tell him, it's OK. That I have to leave him behind.

Time goes by, memories are mine

Memories. Memories that aren't real. Created by me, my dreams, my yearnings. So real, and yet never ever more than a dream. But they belong to me, me alone. My secrets. My memories.

Still waiting for the moment I'll see you again
Times are changing, memories are fading  

One can't enforce dreams, long for them. They come, or they don't. That is fate. And no one can fight fate. Trying to abide to your memories, useless.

I'm waiting for another chance
to tell you belong to me

Every single night I hope, I hold out. For a new adventure, another opportunity. Not to leave him. To stay with him. Just for one single night. Because dreams got this unique thing: one may have a whole live in a single night.

One day
I know we'll meet again

But I am sure, everytime I awake, every single time, that it wasn't the last one. More opportunities. More places to travel to. More adventures to pass. More danger to pass. More enemies to defeat. More loss to bear.

Under the Iron Sky.

And even though the sky stays iron and wants to refuse it to us, Doctor, we will meet again.
I don't know why, but when I heard the song for the first time (without knowing of its belonging to the movie Iron Sky) I had to think of Nine.
The beginning of the song is more... 40s, the second part is more electronic, and the last finally is just epic. ([link])
This gravity the song holds, an the strength, and the whole lyrics brought me to the idea to send Nine even a little closer to the edge ^^
honest opinion please
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April 14, 2012
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